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Access Control

Power Comm is a Gallagher Channel partner and providesPower Comm - Gallagher Channel Partner the full design, integration and installation of Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) for both commercial and government clients with our ICAM-PACS Certified Technicians. Whether its  two to two thousand doors, Power Comm can design and integrate a tailored solution for your business or government agency.

Compliant with the Federal Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management (FICAM) end-to-end approval testing, the Gallagher PIV solution is a Physical Access Control System (PACS) designed to meet the requirements of the FIPS 201-2 standard. photodune-11230946-electronic-key-door-access-system-m

Gallagher’s market-leading access control system utilizes a single management platform enabling easy implementation of a FIPS 201-2 system. Efficient architecture is a key feature of the Gallagher PIV Solution, providing a cost-effective platform to install, configure, and maintain.

The first compliant PIV Solution to:

  • Be the first manufacturer to meet the read range requirements of the FICAM testing program, surpassing the 3.5 cm distance.

Features and Benefits:

Up to 50% cost saving on green-field installations

By combining access control and identity management checks, Gallagher reduces the installation costs for green-field sites by up to half when compared with competing FIPS 201-2 systems.

Single management platform – simple and effective

Central to the solution is the Gallagher Command Centre Software  that works seamlessly with the user’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


Developed with full recognition of the crucial need for security against cyber-attacks, Gallagher use industry best practise standards for encryption and authentication of all communication links.

Future Proofed

All Gallagher PIV hardware is field upgradeable, future proofing your investment and covered by our Gallagher 5 year warranty.


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